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Vietnam Visa

Vietnam visa on arrival is no longer a strange term to many foreign travelers. However, for those who are unclear about this kind of Vietnam visa, below instructions may help somehow.

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?
Vietnam visa on arrival (also called “Landing visa”) is legally easiest way to get Vietnam entry visa if foreigners come to Vietnam by air. Not exactly as its name, you cannot get Vietnam visa upon arrival without some prior preparations, among which, the most crucial document is “Vietnam visa approval letter” granted by Vietnam Department of Immigration before you leave your country.

How can I get Vietnam visa approval letter?
There are many travel agents offering the approval letter service. These travel agents work closely with Immigration Office to bring the approval letter to their customers in the quickest manner. All you need to do are just a few clicks and then make your payment online on a visa service website. Your approval letter will be sent within 2 working days, or just 4 working hours for emergent cases. Once you reach Vietnam airport with visa approval letter in hand, there is no way you are denied to enter the country.

Why should I apply for Vietnam visa on arrival instead of visiting Vietnam Embassy in person?
Normally, foreigners who want a Vietnam visa need to contact directly to the Embassy of Vietnam in the country they are living in. However, if you are not familiar with all the procedures, you may encounter certain troubles that may cost you a lot of time and effort or even financial losses.

Based on years of experience in tourism sector, we offer Vietnam visa on arrival as the simplest choice to gain visa to enter Vietnam. You are no longer afraid of the risk of sending away your original passport via post mail for visa stamp and the total fee for a visa on arrival is cheaper than that of Vietnam Embassy by 20 % in general.

With all above benefits of Vietnam visa on arrival, why do you hesitate to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival? Our professional team of staff promises to provide you the fastest, safest, and most credible service.
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